start comfortable

Start the feeding belt at specified times.

With an EDER feed mixer and/or -controller, both the feed band and the mixer start up automatically at pre-specified times.

In the basic configuration you start the system with the press of a button, by remote control or with the automatic controller

»Flexible feeding times
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ensures uniform feed distribution

The feed belt conveys green fodder or mixed rations to the animals. A tough and quietly running motor draws the loaded band into the barn.

»Animal-friendly feeding
»Technical data

for a clean feeding

The feeding belt stops. The animals feed directly from the feeding belt = feed alley.
The animals are able to reach their feed across the entire width of the belt.
With a feed trough solution, the rations always remain on the belt.

» Width of the feeding belt see Technical data

automatically removes any residual feed

A scraper cleans the band of feed residues. The feed table remains clean and hygienic. The feed band rolls up at the end of the line.

The leftover feed collects in a return area. You simply transport it away with the front bucket.

»A new feeding is able to start
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