Can be adapted to suit virtually all barn situations

is an especially space-saving system for your barn. It can be adapted to suit your individual building layout. You choose the length and width you want, available in single or double-row options.


  • Single-row feed belt
  • Double-row feed belts
  • Double-row feed belts right and left
  • Double-row feed belts with one central feed transfer station
  • Double-row feed belts with decentralized feed transfer stations

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Height differences - no problem

  • can be adjusted to take account of height diff erences in the building.
  • Use also bunker silo in longer distance!

Benefits for barn conversions

  • Gain more space when converting a barn
  • No need for a large area to manoeuvre the tractor
  • Increase your herd with no additional space requirements
  • Give the animals more room to move around
  • Two feed belts with one central feed transfer station

Benefits for new barns

  • Smaller building area
  • Less enclosed space
  • Lower building costs

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Save follow-on costs

"With you can feed automatically where other systems fail."


  • With you have very little wear and tear and low maintenance costs


  • Profit from the low cost of acquisition compared to other automatic feed systems
  • Expand your system in modules – as you need them


Basic configuration:

  • Feed belt
  • Drive with cable winch
  • Reeling


  • Control
  • EDER feed mixer with hybrid drive system
  • More feed belts, in single or double rows

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