Save time

Save time and physical work: feedstar provides the feed as often as necessary – fully automatically – and at any time you choose.
Allow yourself room for other duties.

  • Save the time-consuming task of feeding the cows with feed mixer or silage feeders.
  • You no longer have to shovel in the feed or clear away the uneaten feed.
  • Use the time you save for other tasks, such as feeding calves.

Reduce physical work

Feedstar reduces your workload. No need to shovel the feed around.

  • With feedstar the rations always remain on the belt.
  • No need to sweep the feed table clean yourself.
  • A scraper cleans the band of feed residues. The feed table remains clean and hygienic. The leftover feed collects in a return area.

Enjoy the comfort

Easy to operate with the automatic controller or by remote control.

  • Tough design guarantees durability
  • Minimum maintenance

What gains farmer Wiese?