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Feedstar Kontakt  
Feedstar - Die automatische Fütterung für Ihre Tiere  
Feedstar - the efficient feeding system Feedstar is the patented feeding system with automatic residual feed discharge for your animals. Our system is specially adapted to your requirements and…
Automatische Fütterung - Unser feedstar Imagefilm  
Headquarter: EDER GmbH - department feedstar Moorweg 5 D - 83104 Tuntenhausen Tel.: +49 / 80 67 / 181 - 822 Fax: +49 / 80 67 / 181 - 783 email: website:…
Automatische Fütterung - Unsere feedstar Imagebroschüre  
Learn who we are and what we do. Enjoy reading the feedstar image brochure. If you prefer to browse through a printed version, then please send us an email. Feedstar Imagebrochure …
Automatische Fütterung - Mit unserem Futtermischer  
Feedstar feed mixer Stationary and hybrid mixers Maximum automation Our mixers differ in stationary and hybrid mixers and in combination with our feedstar Pro, they allow multiple feeding…
Automatische Fütterung - Unsere Beton-Fertigteile  
Precast concrete elements Precast concrete elements Individually adapted to your situation Concrete parts such as the shaft and cover for the back roll device or the filling funnel were…
Automatische Fütterung - Unsere Sonderlösungen  
Feedstar special solution A solution for every problem Adaptable to any structural situation As the use of a feedstar is difficult to implement in some stable situations, we offer an optional…
Automatische Fütterung - Die Lösung für viele Tierarten  
Animal species The flexibility of feedstar is unsurpassed, as our feeding system is suitable for a wide variety of animal species. The solutions are precisely adapted to your needs and enable an…
Automatische Fütterung - Aktuelle Referenzen  
Further reference reports Here you will find an overview of our latest reference reports.
Automatische Fütterung - Wir stehen für Nachhaltigkeit  
Sustainability with feedstar Many factors and perspectives must be considered for sustainable and future-oriented animal husbandry. We try to support our customers and their animals in the issue…



Moorweg 5
D - 83104 Tuntenhausen

Tel.: +49 / 80 67 / 181 - 0
Fax: +49 / 80 67 / 181 - 783